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People are spending much time on video games, and if you are looking for a new game, then you can go with Pixel Car Racer.

The game is all about car racing, and millions of players are connected with it.

It is created by Studio Furukawa for different platforms like android and IOS.

The users will get great fun in online racing, and various cars are available for more fun. You can grab many kinds of powerful extensions for improving the performance of the game.

The gamer can download it by Google store or official game website.

Each thing of the cars is under control, and you must learn how to navigate it perfectly in racing tracks. In this guide, we are sharing some helpful facts to read more about the game-play.

Victory by Racing

Racing championships are a fine way to achieve a big target in the game.

Drag and street modes are enjoyable for us, and we have to spend a lot of time in both. Select various cars for upcoming challenges and you can invite your friends for a fantastic experience in live racing.

Customize Multiple CarsĀ 

There are lots of tools for customization’s, and we can complete some major upgrades.

You can make some new cars with new things and powers. The players can go in any car, and some cars are locked for us. We can also unlock them by spending a high amount of cash. To earn that cash, you just have to follow the tips listed on pixelcarracercheatsclub and you are good to go.

Select Powerful Engines

In the tuning section, we will see enormous engines for cars, and they all are enhancing the speed of your cars. Here is a complete tuning guide for you.

The players can replace the old engine with a new one for defeating the rivals in racing. Collect a sufficient amount of currency to buy new items to design cars.

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